Watson Billy- Heavy Groove

This is Billy Watson's eleventh release and features the guitar of JUNIOR WATSON.  To say that it's about time misses the point.  Their playfulness & musical curiosity marks most of their recorded legacies and this set is  a perfect example of great minds thinking alike.  Billy's twisted sense of songwriting is the perfect vehicle for Junior Watson's twisted twangs.  NATHAN JAMES & JOHN BAZZ add the stability to the proceedings that are needed in  this madcap romp through the strange world of Watson & Watson..................

1. Lonesome Little Girl

2. Hey Hey Hey

3. Art Blakey Rip Off

4. Look Out

5. Growing Old

6. Stop That Train

7. Hey Lady

8. Secret Agent Groove

9. Step Back Baby

10. I'm Going

11. The Night Is Young

12. Outro Jam

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