Brim John- The Tough Blues 1950-1956
This is the most complete collection of his singles ever released, in fact 10 of these tracks remained unreleased for many years. This jam packed release includes one of his most famous "Ice Cream Man", which was recorded in 1953 with Little Walter on harmonica. Other classic songs include "Tough Times" acknowledged as one of the finest songs to cover the serious recession affecting African American population in 1954 and the formidable "Rattlesnake" which is almost the epitome of classic Chicago blues.....
  1. Strange Man
  2. Mean Man Blues
  3. Bus Driver
  4. Dark Clouds
  5. Lonesome Man Blues
  6. Going Down The Line
  7. Leaving Daddy Blues
  8. Young And Wild
  9. I Love My Baby
  10. Trouble In The Morning
  11. Humming Blues
  12. Man Around My Door
  13. Hospitality Blues
  14. Hard Pill To Swallow
  15. Drinking Woman
  16. Don't Leave Me - No Name Blues
  17. Moonlight Blues
  18. Rattlesnake
  19. It Was A Dream
  20. Ice Cream Man
  21. Lifetime Baby
  22. Tough Times
  23. Gary Stomp
  24. Go Away
  25. That Ain't Right
  26. I Would Hate To See You Go
  27. You Got Me Where You Want Me


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