Chicago- The Blues Legends Today!

A collection of recordings from 2017 featuring MARY LANE- LITTLE JERRY JONES- ROCKIN JOHNNY BURGIN & MIKE METTALIA................

1. Hurt My Feelings-  Mary Lane
2. Sloppy Drunk-  Milwaukee Slim
3. Things Gonna Work out Fine-  Rockin' Johnny Burgin
4. Midnight Call-  Mike Mettalia
5. Let's Make Love Tonight-  Little Jerry Jones
6. Don't Want My Lovin' No More-  Mary Lane
7. Hot Cha-  Rockin' Johnny Burgin
8. Papa Tree Top-  Mary Lane
9. Smokestack Lightning-  Little Jerry Jones
10. I'm Leaving You-  Rockin' Johnny Burgin
11. I Always Want You Near-  Mary Lane
12. Next Time You See Me-  Mary Lane
13. Unemployment Risin'-  Milwaukee Slim
14. Going Down Slow-  Mary Lane
15. Dust My Broom-  Little Jerry Jones
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