Harman James- Fineprint

This collection of songs covers many bases for James Harman.  From the good times (Come On & Dance With Me) to reflective (Ticket To The Circus) to the razor sharp wit he is known for (Memory Foam Mattress) ,James Harman always delivers a record worth listening to over & over.  FINEPRINT features many of the finest California players from NATHAN JAMES & JEFF TURMES to GENE TAYLOR & CARL SONNY LEYLAND...............

1. Fineprint

2. In With The Grief, In With The Gravy

3. Come On & Dance With Me

4. At The Flophouse

5. What Cha Gonna Do ABout Me #1

6. What Cha Gonna Do ABout Me #2

7. A Busy Man 

8. Memory Foam Mattress

9. The Fruit OF The Poisened Tree

10. Slam On The Brakes

11. Familiarity Breeds Contempt

12. Glide

13. Ticket To The Circus

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