Zinn Rusty- Last Train To Bluesville (alternates & unissued)
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A New BLUEBEAT MUSIC exclusive

This collection of outtakes, demos & unissued recordings date from the 1990's when Rusty was the new prodigy in traditional blues.  Working with Jimmy Rogers, Snooky Pryor, Kim Wilson & Dave Myers Rusty learned what not to play at an early age and this set proves it.  The 20 tracks feature many of the finest players on the West Coast as well as Chicago stalwart DAVE MYERS (from Little Walter's band).  KIM WILSON- RONNIE JAMES- STEVE LUCKY & RICHARD INNES are featured throughout and the whole set has that unique Chicago/ West Coast sound that continues to evolve here in the Golden state............

1. Act Like You Love Me

2. Left Me With A Broken Heart

3. Date Bait

4. I Played The Game

5. Sittin & Waitin'

6. Going Back To New Orleans

7. Stud Missile

8. Can't Hold Out Much Longer

9. Gotta Find My Baby

10. Crying The Blues

11. Express Yourself

12. Gumbo Blues

13. Jr. Jives

14. You're The One

15. Aw Baby

16. Blue Shadows

17. I'm Gonna Love You

18. The Woman I Love

19. Stand By Me

20. Coldstone Talk

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