RICH Records Story- Music City Motor City & The Big Easy
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"John R" Richbourg was one of the legendary disc Jockeys at WLAC radio in Nashville during its heyday of the 1950s and 1960s. This was the most powerful R&B radio station in the country at the time and the DJs there wielded enormous power. Like his friend and fellow jock "Hoss" Allen, Richbourg was ready to try his hand at the record business by the late 1950s. Initially he got involved with James Hendrix in the Carrie label, but when Hendrix relocated to Detroit, John started his own Rich Records imprint and the Cape Ann music publishing company in partnership with his wife Margaret. The Rich Records Story is comprised of some of the finer R&B sides from the early - mid 60s and is digitally remastered with informative sleeve notes from veteran producer Fred James........... BOBBY HEBB 1. Night Train To Memphis 2. You Gotta Go 3. I Found Somebody 4. Atlanta Ga. 5. Cherry 6. Feel So Good...... LATIMORE BROWN 7. What Have I Done Wrong 8. Mistaken Prayer 9. Hully Gully Twist 10. Just A Little Bit 11.Night Time Is The right Time 12. Only I Can Tell The Story...... JIMMY CHURCH 13. You Can Make Me Do It 14. Faith In You 15. Soul Shack (w/ Rodge Martim)..... DEE BROWN & LOLA GRANT 16. We Belong Together........... JOHNETTE 17. Livin The Blues.............. JOHN R 18. Mojo Blues 19. Keep On Scratchin 20. Keep Your Baby Home............ CORNELL BLAKELY 21. I Got That Feeling....... JJ BARNES 22. Won't You Let Me Know

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