Dyer Johnny Mark Hummel- Rolling Fork Revisited
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This 16 track collection of Muddy Waters covers is much more than any "tribute" to the mighty one....it is an awesome collection of contemporary talent playing REAL blues in this era of diminished expectations. Johnny Dyer, who sings throughout, hails from Mississippi, even though LA has been his adopted home for decades. Mark Hummel who has been a tireless promoter, musician and bandleader for over 20 years helped pull this project together and we are happy about it!! With exciting and wholly appropriate support from Rusty Zinn, Paul Oscher and Francis Clay, this cd adds a new hard edge to the classic sound of these chestnuts. It's hard to find a favorite here as they are all sincere, authentic & exciting covers of this classic sound. This is one not to miss. Johnny Dyer- Vocals Mark Hummel- Harmonica Francis Clay-Drums Rusty Zinn- Guitar Paul Oscher-Harmonica/Guitar plus many others 1.Oh Yeah 2.Young Fashioned Ways 3.Can't Get No Grinding 4.Country Boy 5.Gone To Main Street 6.Don't Go No Further 7.Sugar Sweet 8.Don't Know WHy 9.Forty Days, Forty Nights 10.My Dog Can't Bark 11.Layaway Plan 12.Stuff You Gotta Watch 13.Got To Find My Baby 14.Clouds In My Heart 15.Trouble No More 16.Evans Shuffle

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