Adams Johnny- The SOUL Of New Orleans
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Adams Johnny- The SOUL Of New Orleans
[ Fuel1992 ]
Price: $12.00

These SENATOR JONES productions come from the early to mid 70's and featuring some of Johnny's most emotive material.....Featuring home town favorites like LEO NOCENTELLI- ISAAC BOLDEN- HERMAN ERNEST & CLYDE KERR in support & backround vocals by BOBBY POWELL these overlooked gems are as good as anything he ever recorded......Johnny could take sappy material and make it deeply soulful and moving.....and that voice!!!!.....

1. After All the Good is Gone
2. Chasing Rainbows
3. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
4. Just My Imagination
5. The Best of Luck To You
6. Spanish Harlem
7. Hell Yes I Cheated
8. I Live My Whole World At Night
9. Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You
10. Love Letters
11. Cry, Cry Darling
12. Selfish
13. Share Your Love With Me
14. (There's) No Getting Over Me
15. I Only Want To Be With You
16. Give Me a Chance
17. A Shoulder To Cry On
18. One Fine Day
19. Who Will the Next Fool Be
20. I Believe In You