Cochran Eddie-(4CDS)- Two Classic Albums PLUS
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Cochran Eddie-(4CDS)- Two Classic Albums PLUS
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Disc One:
Sittin' In The Balcony - Completely Sweet - Undying Love - I'm Alone Because I Love You - Lovin' Time - Proud Of You - Mean When I'm Mad - Stockings and Shoes - Tell Me Why - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - Cradle Baby - One Kiss - C'mon Everybody - Three Steps To Heaven - Cut Across Shorty - Hallelujah I Lover Her So - Summertime Blues - Somethin' Else - Teenage Heaven - Drive In Show - Two Blue Singin' Stars - Mr Fiddle - Your Tomorrow's Never Come - Guilty Conscience.

Disc Two:
Walkin' Stick Boogie - Rollin' - Tired and Sleepy - Fool's Paradise - Skinny Jim - Half Loved - Dark Lonely Street - Am I Blue - Twenty Flight Rock - Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie - Pocketful Of Hearts - Teresa - Pretty Girl - Love Again - Don't Ever Let Me Go - I Remember - Boll Weevil Song - Little Angel - Lonely - Sweetie Pie - Weekend - Cherished Memories.

Disc Three:
Ray Stanley - Over A Coke
Wayne Walker - You've Got Me
Skeets Mcdonald - You Oughta See Grandma Rock
Bo Davis - Let's Coast Awhile
Lynn Marshall - Borrowed Love
Glen Garrison & The Note Kings - Lovin' Lorene
Tommy Law - Cool Juice
Bob Denton - Petty Little Devil
Buddy Lowe - Ummm Kiss Me Goodnight
Jody Reynolds - Beaulah Lee
Ronnie Mcbee - I'll Be Waiting For You
Gene Brown - Big Door
Jerry Neal - I Hates Rabbits
Mamie Van Doren - The Beat Generation
Georgettes - Love Like A Fool
Jess Willard - Every Dog Has His Day
Tigers - Jelly Bean
Bob Denton - On My Mind Again
Four Dots - Don't Wake Up The Kids
Jay Johnston - Walk A Dog
Barry Martin - The Willies
Larry O'Keefe - Ain't A That Something
Buddy Lowe - It Happened To Me
Bob Denton - 24 Hour Night
Del Reeves - Because You Love Me
The Playthings - Lipstick.

Disc Four:
Al Casey - Willa Mae
Margie Rayburn - Smoochin'
Mike Clifford - Shoul
Skeets Mcdonald - Heart Breakin' Mama
The Playthings - Sittin'
Bob Denton - Love Me So I'll Know
Mamie Van Doren - Salamander
Bo Davis - Drowin' All My Sorrows
Tom Forse - I'm Gonna Tell My Conscience On You
Bob Orrison - Sarah Lee
Jack Lewis - I.O.U
Jewel & Eddie - Opportunity
Glen Garrison & The Note Kings - You're My Darling
Georgettes - Oh Tonight
Darla Daret - Honey Honey
Tigers - Don't Bye Bye Baby Me
Elroy Peace & The Bow Ribbons - Quick Like
Bob Denton - I'm Sending You This Record
Mamie Van Doren - Rollin' Stone
Four Dots - Pleading For Your Love
Lee Denson - New Shoes
Barry Martin - Minnie The Moocher
Ray Stanley - Market Place
Tom Forse - They Call You A Small Fry
Bob Denton - Thinkin' About You
Jewel & Eddie - Doin' The Hully Gully
Ray Stanley - Love Charms.