Bibb Eric & Needed Time- Good Stuff
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Bibb Eric & Needed Time- Good Stuff
[ Earthbeat75265 ]
Price: $15.00

Good Stuff manages to be acoustic without being old fashioned. Think of the Mississippi Sheiks meeting the Hot Club of France. Bibb proves himself to be an accomplished guitarist who can play in a variety of styles......... 1. Good Stuff 2. Saucer 'N' Cup 3. Shingle By Shingle 4. Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down 5. Where The Green Grass Grows 6. Blacksmith Island 7. New World Comin' Through 8. Too Much Whiskey 9. Nothin' Like You Used To Do 10. All Of My Love 11. A Simple Song 12. Happy Home Recipe 13. Done Laid Around 14. Rough Waters